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MICNP Legislative Petition 2012 (2)


  • I, the undersigned, support the efforts of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners to pass H.B. 4774 & S.B. 481 which will:

    * Define the scope of practice for APRNs based on national standards

    * Authorize APRNs to practice to the full extent of masters/doctoral education and board certification

    * Remove unnecessary barriers, and improve consumer choice and  direct access to qualified providers


    *By checking the box below, I am agreeing in the affirmative to the legislative efforts as stated above, and I consent to allow MICNP to list my name, credentials and home address on a petition stating the same.  (Respondents must be at least 18 years of age and a Michigan resident)

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  • Your email address will not be shared on the petition, we will only use it for communication purposes.

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